Competitor Information

EA Membership  

All entrants must have current financial Competitor or Participant membership of Equestrian Australia at the date and time of entry. Entries cannot be accepted without your current membership number.

Entries not complying with membership and registration criteria will be declined.

EA Horse Registration

All horses must have Full or Base EA horse registration.

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Riders will need to provide evidence of at least one result at a previous competition (EA affiliated club, show or Interschool) as a horse/rider combination unless entering an entry-level class in the table below.

Incomplete or incorrect qualifications may mean an entry is not accepted. It is encouraged that all combinations are 6 months in training together before entering the competition.

Eventing:   MER’s are required for CCN1* and CCN2* and one MER at EvA95 & EvA80

Discipline Level Qualification
Dressage Preliminary Not required
Jumping 65cm Not required
Led Mare or Gelding Not required
Show Horse All classes Not Required
Show Hunter All Classes Not Required
Eventing EvA65cm Not Required

Discipline selections

Combinations entering the Equimillion Competition can enter two disciplines (one per day) across the 4-day of competition. All competitors are required to ensure they are entering classes that are suitable for the horse to compete in. While Equimillion can be an opportunity for the rider to experiment in a new discipline it is required to appropriately prepare their horse for that discipline. The competition format in each discipline is not designed for first timer participation, and entering horses in a new discipline without adequate preparation and training is discouraged.

Competitors entering the New Star Thoroughbred Classes can enter their ENST class and one other class in their chosen discipline on that day. A horse in this section can not enter any other class during the other days of competition.

Competition Divisions at Equimillion

  • Youth Junior – Aged 13 to 18 years as at the 4th October 2024
  • Amateur – The member is the main rider of the horse on which they are entering, or it is the only horse they ride. Amateur is a member who does not receive money or remuneration for horse related activities, that is, he or she is not a ‘professional horseperson’. There are exceptions such as Veterinarians, Stud Owners / Managers, Farriers, Trackwork Riders, Retraining & Rehoming Facilities.
  • Open Professional – This division is intended for riders who receive part or all of their income (monetary or in kind) through their activities riding, coaching or training horses. This includes sponsored riders. (excluding sponsored competitors via the racing industry)

*** A competitor can only choose one competition division for the 4 days of competition.

The OC reserves the right to: Transfer competitors between divisions of a class.

Riders may ride more than one horse at the event, however, there must be only one rider per horse.

Rider Numbers

All horses will be allocated a Bridle Number for the event. The number must be worn on the left (near) side of the bridle or saddle cloth when out of the stable. If you are competing in Dressage bridle numbers must be worn on both sides of the bridle or saddle cloth. When the horse is not competing the bridle numbers must be attached to the halter.  Competitors must provide their own number holders displaying their allocated number.

Competitors in Eventing will be emailed back numbers to be printed for the Cross Country phase.

Gear Check

Discipline Rules relating to gear checks must be adhered to as per the discipline rules (links above). EA Stewards will complete the checks either prior to entering the warm-up or at the completion of the test and/or phase.

Dress and Saddlery

  • Riders must compete in attire required under EA Rules.
  • In the event of hot weather, the OC may permit riders to compete without riding coats.
  • A designated EA tagging official will be on site, to apply approved helmet tags in conformance with Rule 538.3.1, which comes into effect from 1 January 2020. All helmets must be tagged in accordance with the EA Helmet tagging policy.
  • The EA tag does not verify that the helmet is safe or in working order. It only verifies that the helmet complies with the specific standards as mandated by the EA Eventing Rules.
  • Body Protectors are compulsory under EA Eventing Rules and must comply with rule 538.3.1.

From 1 January 2020, body protectors will need to be manufactured after 2009 and comply with:

          • EN13158:2009 level 3
          • BETA 2009 Level 3
          • EN13158:2018 level 3
          • BETA 2018 Level 3