Racing NSW Equine Welfare

Racing NSW Minimum Standards and Guidelines of Equine Welfare, contains compulsory Minimum Standards and also ‘best practice’ Guidelines for the NSW Thoroughbred Racing Industry.  Racing NSW Equine Welfare Program ensures that thoroughbreds that have been domiciled in NSW for the majority of their lives are cared for having regard to appropriate horse welfare standards.


A retired Thoroughbred racehorse entering the competition will have a microchip registered to Racing Australia. The register microchip number is required upon submitting your horse for Nomination, as part of your EA Membership requirements, used to enter classes across the Equimillion Competition, and for Identification purposes on arrival and during the event.


All horses competing at Equimillion are required to pass an Arrival Assessment which includes a baseline soundness assessment at the walk. Judges and Officials in all the Equimillion disciplines are authorized to eliminate horses should they feel that they are not appropriately sound for the discipline they are competing in. Lame horses may not compete and can be referred to the Event vet.

Medication Control

Medication Control (Swabbing) of horses will occur at random at this event to protect the welfare of the horses and to ensure a level playing field for all competitors. All winners across the disciplines will be tested, random testing will be conducted on all horses. All positive results will cause disqualification.

Body Condition

Any horse that arrives at Equimillion with a below 2 body score of 5 will consult with a vet on arrival and may not be allowed to compete. Competitors could find it useful to have their vet assess their horses body score prior to Nominating the horse for the competition. Officials in all the Equimillion disciplines are authorized to eliminate horses should they feel that they are not appropriately conditioned for the competition.


Will be available for the duration of the event.

Welfare Concerns

Those who are on the Racing NSW Excluded list can’t compete. Any reports prior, during and or after the Equimillion competition will be investigated. Practices considered to be a welfare concern include but not limited to; inflicting harm, overworking, misuse of training equipment, or malnourished. During competition, officials have the right to order veterinary evaluations of any horse who appears to be unsound or in physical discomfort or distress.

Horse Health Certificates & Vaccination Records

EA Registration paperwork or other evidence of identification is required on check in.

Scratchings, substitutions, and refunds

Please notify scratchings to This is a non-refund event.

The Organizing Committee reserve the right:

  • To cancel any class or event
  • To divide any class
  • To transfer competitors between sections of the class
  • To alter the advertised times or days
  • To refuse any entry, with or without stating a reason
  • To make additional statements with regards to rules/ processes based on horse welfare and safety

Protest and complaints

  • No competitor is to directly approach any judge, steward, course builder or any other official before, during or after the competition with disputes or complaints.
  • All queries must be made in writing to the organising committee located in Event Square within 30 minutes of the results being posted publicly.
  • All objections must be made in writing at the Event office to be considered by the Ground Jury and must be accompanied by a $1000 which will be returned to the competitor if their protest is upheld. The decision of the Ground Jury will be final.
  • General questions can be asked in relation to errors and in relation to running the event. These may be directed to the rider’s representative.

Injury and Liabilities

  • After any fall, the Event competitor must present to the Medical Service Providers to be cleared BEFORE re-mounting.
  • As a condition of entry, riders, their connections, and spectators will indemnify Racing NSW and Equestrian Australia, Equestrian NSW and The Sydney International Equestrian Centre against all claims, losses, damages, and legal action howsoever occurring.
  • All horse owners and Event competitors will be personally responsible for the damages to any third parties caused by themselves, their employees, their agents, or their animals.