Equimillion New Star Thoroughbred Classes

1 *New Star TB – Eventing EvA80
14 *New Star TB – Dressage Prelim 1.2
25 *New Star TB – Jumping 80cm
40 *New Star TB – Led Set Workout
41 *New Star TB – Ridden Set Workout

The aim of the Equimillion New Star Thoroughbred Classes (ENST) is to showcase the versatility and trainability of the Thoroughbred.

The nomination and entry fee for the Equimillion New Star Thoroughbred Class at Equimillion 2024 Event is free for all Equimillion eligible horses recently retired from racing.

To be eligible to nominate for the ENST the retired Thoroughbred racehorse must be recently retired from racing within the year of the Equimillion annual competition, after 1st October 2023.

All horses must meet the Equimillion NSW eligibility. 

Horses must be 4 years of age or older as per the EA discipline rules to compete in Jumping, Dressage, and Eventing.

Show Horse is 3 years of age or older on 1 August in the year of the relevant event or competition for both Led and Ridden class.

Horses can only enter one ENST class at Equimillion.

Competitors entering a second discipline in addition to the ENST class will need to enter and will be charged as per the Event schedule.

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The judges will be looking for potential for the future: an athletic, loose moving horse with a promising technique and attitude, which with correct training will develop physically and mentally into a top performing sport horse for any chosen discipline. Horses will be judged on conformation, walk, trot, canter, rideability and overall impression as a future Thoroughbred competition horse.

All Riders must be EA Members and have a base registration.


DRESSAGE – Preliminary 1.2

The combination has to show the horses three paces at walk, trot and canter as well as smooth transitions within and between these paces.

Refer to EA Dressage Rules and Regulations

Dressage Rules & Tests | Equestrian Australia




The combination should move with balance, elegance, lightness, correctness, and with the right rhythm for the gait.

Please refer to EA Show Horse Rules and Regulations

Show Horse | Equestrian Australia

Link to the Showing workout 


SHOW JUMPING – 80cm Course

The objective is to test the combination’s skill, accuracy and training over the sequence of jumps in the perfect time.  If any part of the obstacle is knocked down or if the horse refuses a jump Penalties are accumulated.

Refer to EA Jumping Rules & Regulations

Jumping Rules & Regulations | Equestrian Australia

Link to the Show Jumping course – TBC



Testing the speed, stamina and jumping ability of the horse, as well as the rider’s knowledge of pace and the use of his horse over three phases dressage, cross-country and show jumping.

Eventing Rules & Regulations | Equestrian Australia

Link to the Eventing phases – TBC