What Horses Are Eligible For Equimillion?

Horse Eligibility

To be eligible to submit a nomination for Equimillion, the horse must meet the following criteria:

    • Horse must have been registered with Racing Australia with a microchip and been bred with the intent to race (evidence of race records, trials and/or barrier education and jump outs).
    • Brands present on the horse for visual identification and linked with microchip.
    • Horse must have officially retired from racing.

All named horses bred in NSW are eligible to compete.

Horses that were not bred in NSW, but meet any of the below criteria will also be eligible to compete:

Horses bred interstate:

    • Horse must have been trained, trialled, or raced in NSW

Horses bred internationally:

    • Horse must have been trained, trialled, or raced in NSW

Unnamed Horses:

    • Bred in NSW with the intent to race in NSW.

To check your horse’s details:

Retired Thoroughbred Identification Guide

If you have any questions, please email equimillion@racingnsw.com.au to check your horses eligibility today!


Nomination and Competition Fee Structure

Nomination Fee – $600.00 + GST

Nomination fee is non-refundable for horses that meet the eligibility criteria.
If horses do not meet eligibility criteria, nomination fee will be refunded to payment method.
– Submit payment details.
– Submit Nomination Fee ($600.00+GST).
– Successful nominations will receive an acceptance email with their Nomination ID Number. and private link to the Equimillion competition event page.

Competition Entry Fee – $400.00 + GST

The Equimillion Competition event entry fee will be due upon class entries. Each competitor will receive a link to the Equimillion competition page on 14 August. Competitors entering the Equimillion Competition can enter up to two disciplines across the 3-day competition for the single-entry fee.

Nomination Fee + Competition Entry Fee = 1 Horse Entry in two disciplines