Prizemoney and Classes

New Star TB Classes

Dressage Classes Jumping Classes Eventing Classes Show Horse Classes

Number Of Disciplines

Entry into the Equimillion competition allows the combination to enter into two disciplines over the 4-day competition in line with EA National Rule:

1st Selection Optional second Discipline
Eventing Dressage or Jumping
Show Horse Dressage or Jumping
Jumping Show Horse, Dressage or Eventing
Dressage Show Horse, Eventing or Jumping

Riders may ride more than one horse at the event, however, there must be only one rider per horse.

Prizemoney and Classes 

Each discipline will include classes for junior, amateur, and open professional competitors with a total prizemoney of $30,000 per class and prizemoney paid down to 5th place in each class.

If a class has fewer than 3 competitors, the OC reserves the right to cancel the class and allow the competitors to change into a higher rider category.

** Preliminary Dressage, Jumping 65cm, and EvA 65cm will be open to Junior and Amateur only and Advance Dressage, Jumping 110cm and CCN2*-S will be Open classes.

New Star Thoroughbred Classes

A New Star Thoroughbred is a recently retired NSW Thoroughbred racehorse within the year of the Equimillion annual competition, being the period 1st September 2023 – 30th September 2024. To compete in these classes the horse must be ridden by an EA member in any rider divisions (Junior/ Amateur/ Open Professional).

The nomination fee for the Equimillion New Star Thoroughbred Class is free of any charge for all Equimillion eligible horses recently retired from racing in the Equimillion competition year, where you will be eligible to enter one ENST class and one other class in your chosen discipline on that day.

More details here –

Individual Champions Points

Horse and Rider combinations in the Dressage, Jumping and Show Horse classes will receive points for each phase to calculate the Championship placings.

Points will be allocated from 35 points for 1st place to 1 point for 35th place. Points are awarded only where the combination has completed all divisions/phases of a class without elimination or disqualification.

The points received in each phase are totalled to decide the Class Championship placings.

Eventing Scoring – As per EA National Eventing Rules.

If a horse is eliminated, retired, does not finish, or withdraws from any phase they can not be placed.

Equality In Classes

Equality in classes will be determined by the following:

Jumping – In the event of equality, the combination with the higher ranking in the Competition over two rounds Art 273 3.3 4.3 shall be placed highest.

Dressage – In the event of equality, the Champion will be as per the EA Dressage rules.

The higher total of the collective mark/s, including coefficients, will decide on the placings, should there still be a tie, the rider score will be the final decider.

Show HorseShow Horse – In the event of an equality of points for Champion, the Ridden Mare/Gelding will be used to split ties. If there is still equality, The Ridden Ladies or Gents Hack and then Led phase will be used.

Eventing – In the event of equality between two or more combinations, the Champion is decided by:

  1. The best cross-country score including penalties for faults at obstacles, time penalties, and any other penalty that the Athlete may have incurred on the cross-country test.
  2. If these are still equality, the champion is decided in favour of the Athlete with the highest positive dressage points.

If there is still equality, please refer to EA Eventing rules 528.1.6 Final Classification Tie (Individual)

Equality in the Championships’ will be resolved for places 1st to 5th. If equality cannot be resolved, riders will be awarded equal placing and share points. For example, one combination may be awarded 6th place and receive 30 points, two riders may be awarded 7th place so each will be awarded 28.5 points, then the next placed rider would be awarded 9th and 27 points.