Show Thoroughbred Classes

Class Showing Competition
40 *New Star TB Led Class
41 *New Star TB Ridden Class
42 Led Thoroughbred Mare
43 Led Thoroughbred Gelding
44 Show Thoroughbred Junior
45 Show Thoroughbred Amateur
46 Show Thoroughbred Open

The Showing competition will be conducted under the EA National Show Horse Rules.

Show Thoroughbred is a combination of both show and hunter types who best present the Australian Thoroughbred.

Competitor combinations can compete in led they are eligible for Show Thoroughbred.

  • Conflicts of Interest MUST be submitted in writing only to the Organising Committee.
  • Each phase will be ribboned 1st to 5th.
  • The Championship (total points earned over all phases) will determine the overall ranking of riders
  • Numnah and breastplates can be worn.
  • Competitors must be prompt and ready for their classes – classes will not be delayed for a competitor who is not ready or in another ring.
  • Where entry numbers dictate classes may be run in heats.
  • Points received in each phase are totaled to decide the Class Championship placings and prizemoney.
  • Riders may ride more than one horse on the day however there must be only one rider per horse.

Additional Classes

Competitors may compete with more than one horse with a maximum of two disciplines per horse, as long as the National Discipline Rules are followed regarding the number of tests /classes that may be ridden each day.

Horses can only enter one ENST class at Equimillion.  Competitors entering a second discipline in addition to the ENST class will need to enter and will be charged as per the Event schedule.