Jumping Classes

Class Jumping Competition
25 *New Star TB Jumping Class
26 65cm Junior
27 65cm Amateur
28 80cm Junior
29 80cm Amateur
30 80cm Open
31 90cm Junior
32 90cm Amateur
33 90cm Open
34 100cm Junior
35 100cm Amateur
36 100cm Open
37 110cm Amateur
38 110cm Open
39 120cm Open

The Jumping competition will be conducted under the EA National Jumping Rules 2022.

  • Horses must be 4 years of age or older.
  • Saddlery as per EA National Jumping Rules.
  • Riders must ride in the order of the draw and must not hold up proceedings on the day.
  • EA Stewards will complete the Gear checks.

Please refer to the EA Jumping rules & Regulations for Article information.

Scoring – As per EA National Jumping Rules.

If a horse is eliminated, does not finish or is scratched from a round no points will be awarded.

Additional Classes

Competitors may compete with more than one horse with a maximum of two disciplines per horse, as long as the National Discipline Rules are followed regarding the number of tests /classes that may be ridden each day.

Horses can only enter one ENST class at Equimillion.  Competitors entering a second discipline in addition to the ENST class will need to enter and will be charged as per the Event schedule.