Eventing Classes

Competitors may enter a horse at one level below that for which they have official competition results. Competitors competing down may incur penalties as per the EA rules.

  • All horses must be 4 years of age or older.
  • Horses and riders must be qualified to compete at the relevant level as per EA Eventing Rules. Dressage Test to be ridden from memory. No Callers allowed.
  • Dress and Saddlery: According to EA National Eventing Rules.
  • Starting order: By draw as per EA Eventing Rule 533.2 for dressage and cross country.
  • Course specifications as per EA National Eventing Rules.
  • Bridle or saddle blanket number compulsory for dressage and jumping and back number for Cross Country.

Scoring – As per EA National Eventing Rules.  If a horse is eliminated, retired, does not finish, or withdraws from any phase they can not be placed.

***Equimillion New Star Thoroughbred Class Entry

ENST Eventing class entry can only compete in one additional Eventing class on the same day.