Dressage Classes

Competitors must not enter a horse at a level below that for which they have official competition results.

  • All horses must be 4 years of age or older.
  • Gloves are compulsory, and preferably white.
  • Test to be ridden from memory. No callers allowed.
  • Starting order will be according to a random draw.
  • All Dressage tests will be run in accordance with Current EA Rules in the EA Dressage Competition Rules, which can be obtained from the EA website.
  • Whips are permitted (not exceeding 1.2m including tassel for horses and 1.0m for ponies)
  • Horses may not compete below their graded level (if an official dressage grading applies). However, horses graded FEI are permitted to compete Advanced if no FEI classes are offered.
  • Only snaffle bits are allowed unless competing at Medium or above.
  • Spurs can be used at all levels.
  • Bridle numbers must be worn on both sides of the bridle or saddle blanket.
  • Bridle numbers will be issued by the Event.

Scoring – As per EA National Dressage Rules.

If a horse is eliminated, does not finish, or is scratched from a test no points will be awarded.

***Equimillion New Star Thoroughbred Class Entry

ENST Dressage class entry can only compete in one additional Dressage class on the same day.